Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bank of the Nile

The sun is shining, but it seems like its covered with clouds. Yes, the sun generally shines in Omdurman during summer and winter. It's hot in both seasons but its colder during winter. Yes, the men started to cut a piece of the tree with the saw. Nope, they haven't finished cutting it yet, they cut down a little bit only. The water carrier filled his tins with water from the Nile, I assume he's heading to his home or farm.

The merchant came to the bank of the Nile to finish some business deal or buy stuff for his shop. He came by the car which is by the road. His maid opened the door for him. He hasn't gotten into his car yet, he's still talking to another merchant.

The plane hasn't landed yet. The ferry from tutti didn't reach yet. It seems like it's going to the shore of the Nile on the other side. The boat on the most top near the bridge didn't reach yet.

Yes, I've been to the bank of the Nile on a weekend months ago. It was a really great trip I enjoyed it so much despite some of the troubles we got into, it was definitely worth it. It's a must to go there for anyone. The Bank of the Nile looks different from what it used to be 50 years ago, It has really changed in an astonishing way.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A day to remember in your life...

Some times in our life we find some of stop points ,but unfortunately some people permit it to leave without any caution or any waking.

I will talk about (The day that I remember the most of all)a really important day in my life ,that's because it's not like any day .
Before exactly about five years ago ,there's a boy,that's boy was a big brother in his family,and his name is Al-tayeb ,and he was very important character in his family although is his big family have many boys like him but it's not like him.He was a diligent student in his school, and he was a serious in his faith. so he was an example in the good moral in this big family and the area ,so he have a many friends, and one of these friends is me.

About me he was a best friend to me ,we are playing together and we are go to lesson together even we are go to visit our familys and relatives together .so he was every thing to me in that's time.

Really I was a normal boy like any boy,playing football an the video games,and I was haven't any responsibility although I am a big brother in my family too,but really I am not like Al-tayeb.

In summer of 2004 (31,June) in his home ,we are playing video game,and I was go out to pay a bill of water and fetch my mom list and suddenly I was hear my maternal aunt Batool shouting in theirs door -in frankness I am never imagine a thing like this- and suddenly we are in the hospital and suddenly some of men bear Al-tyeb to caring room in hospital.

The hospital takes three hours of silence ,and suddenly the doctor was come and said to my uncle ,sorry I can't help him.I was feel faint and suddenly I was hear my mom said to me wake up Ahmed,what's happen to you tonight.yes it's just dream. terrible dream.(by the way I was found tears on my face).

But Really that's dream gave to me feeling strange, but I found it good after that because it's teach me (may be I will face it some day).

Friday, 25 December 2009

How I use my Mobile?

The mobile or phone is one of many means to keep people together ,so of course it's very important active way to become cohesive between people.
About me I have 'Nokia 6120 classic' mobile.And I have Sudani chip because Sudani in a last days approved her name like a best corporations of network and telecoms.
Well my mobile is a gift from my mom before about one year ago.I use it mainly for sending , I send and receive about 10-15 texts averagely a day, I charge about 20sdg per week and that covers all my weekly calls and texts, there are many side effects for using the mobile for long time such as, headaches and heartaches, that's why I advice to not use it for long,

Teenagers these days use it the wrong way, instead of listening to Quran or useful programs they fill it with songs, bad and void videos, that's all about stuff that wouldn't help us in this life or after it..

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Eid Al-Adha

Eid is one important way for Muslims to communicate around the world, where every Muslim around the world feels to be related to this day no matter what race they are or what language they speak, especially between families, because its one of these days that people should meet and greet each other, it's different than any other event or holiday where most of the people prefer to rest at homes.
Me personally, I like to spend Eid with my family and relatives, that's why I can't do anything other than visiting my relatives.
First day is like a tradition where we visit our old aunt, she doesn't accept anything other than visiting her first day, we spend the whole day till night at her house, where the family slayed a sheep, and made a BBQ and we had some delicious meat, while talking and having fun, that's why its the most important and special day of Eid, the second day, it's my fathers day, where all our family comes to visit us, what's weird is that they say the second day is the best, for me it's also an important day because, I serve most of the house because I'm the oldest person after my parents, the last day where we roam around to visit the rest of our family and relatives.
That's why I love Eid because it unite families and Muslims around the world.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Important Person

I'd like to talk about my famous person personally which is my Father, Al Amin he grew and lived almost his whole life in Al-shmaleya a.k.a. the northern part of Sudan.
But 20 years ago we moved here to Omdurman, since that day he's been working hard in trading around the country, He travelled to many countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Niger to finish some business deals.He's 50 years old but he's still healthy as a young person.
I am really grateful for having a person like him in my life, He's very supportive and reliable, He never said no to me or the family, He has so many good aspects, He's very kind and nice to other people around him or even people who he doesn't know, I'd never give my dad or trade him for anything no matter what it was.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

About me

I am Ahmed Alamin,I live in Omdurman -Sudan.
I spend my free time in swimming, playing football with my friends and sitting behind the computer.
Sure I have dreams,number one in college and another places.
and I work to get it......
I think that's enough.

Best greetings..